We care about our students' wellness
and mental health

Student Wellness at Centennial Schools

The impact of the recent pandemic has resulted in schools having to embark on efforts to regain some form of normalcy. Educators and policymakers have been rightly focused on getting students caught up academically.

But that is only half of the battle.

The pandemic, combined with a massive experiment in remote schooling, economic and political instability, will have long-term effects on schoolchildren’s mental health. For the foreseeable future, educators will have to grapple with a host of additional challenges that will complicate students’ abilities to learn, such as increased anxiety, substance abuse and hyperactivity—all symptoms of the trauma many students have had to live with.

At Centennial Schools, our approach is to be as supportive and as proactive as possible in dealing with our students’ wellness and mental health. In addition to the support of our teachers, we have introduced the following additional measures:


The Chill Zone is a safe space where our students can go to find calm, be alone, reflect and recharge, so they are ready to learn. When students don’t feel safe or are in a state of emotional upset, they cannot learn. The Chill Zone space is an effective way to help students return to a relaxed state that is optimal for learning. These spaces also support social-emotional learning because they provide students with tools to manage and regulate their emotions.



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... or message us to learn more about our school