Innovative learning spaces


Technology and innovation should be a core factor in education. Centennial Schools understands this and has therefore designed what we call Creative Hubs. It is important that our students are offered creative learning spaces to expand and challenge their knowledge and ability to be creative. These spaces help students boost their concentration, retain information and encourage individualised learning programmes. Students can also begin to advance their collaboration skills through project-based learning and actively participate in organising events at school. 

Collaboration is crucial in all aspects of the education process. Collaborating in an open space such as our Creative Hub allows students to improve their interpersonal skills with their peers. Collaborative teamwork and communicating effectively are among the skills Centennial School students will acquire.

Our students are guided and offered the requisite tools to think critically and adapt to an ever-changing global environment. Attaining these skills early in life will lead to greater adaptability and success when students enter the workforce. In fact, the ability to collaborate with others has become one of the most sought-after skills in both higher education and the workplace.

In the 21st century, the aesthetics of learning spaces greatly impact brain function and influences how students feel when they’re in school, as well as how they perform. By offering innovative, engaging and collaborative learning spaces, such as our Creative Hubs, Centennial Schools students will improve and expand critical skill sets while better positioning themselves for future success in any endeavour they choose to pursue.

Consider it … the student boardroom, just a lot funkier!


... or message us to learn more about our school


... or message us to learn more about our school