CEO and Founder
Shaun Fuchs

Shaun has been a lifelong teacher, and has been extensively involved in education at all levels for over three decades.

He was the Managing Director of Reddam House Schools, Gauteng and Kwa-Zulu-Natal. Prior to that he was General Manager of Crawford Schools and the Centurus Colleges Group.  He was previously the Principal at Crawford College Lonehill. As a passionate History teacher, Shaun uses his extensive knowledge of 20th century history to combine his strategic thinking in business, having learned from experience that knowledge and historical events play a significant role within the global environment.

The COVID-19 pandemic prompted rapid change in many areas, including education delivery – with students being empowered to take charge of their own education and online learning becoming the ‘norm’. This experience emphasised the wide gaps in our mainstream education system and showcased the benefits of incorporating modern technology in teaching methodology. 

Shaun recognised that the time is ripe, and our children are more than ready to break away from the norms of the current education system. 

Not a small thinker by any means, Shaun set out to realize his vision, and in January 2022, Centennial Schools Sunninghill opened its doors to our first intake of 35 students ranging from Grade 7 to Grade 9.

Shaun is an astute entrepreneur and author, and recently published his memoir – Fush – a story of pride, respect and leadership. You can learn more about Shaun by clicking here.

School Principal
Nkululeko Gamede

Nkululeko (Nkuli) Gamede is the Principal of Centennial Schools Sunninghill. He assumed the position on 1st January 2022. Nkuli boasts over a decade of experience as an educator and school leader across various schools, including the role of Deputy Principal at Queens College in the Eastern Cape.

Throughout his career, Nkuli has demonstrated exceptional leadership skills, fostering strong relationships with staff, students, parents, and the wider community. His deep commitment to educational excellence, coupled with a passion for innovation and continuous improvement, sets him apart as an exemplary educational leader.

As Principal of Centennial Schools, Nkuli embraces the significant responsibility of steering the institution toward achieving its strategic goals and vision. He oversees day-to-day operations, managing the staff with a clear focus on nurturing a safe and supportive environment where students can thrive. Under his guidance, Centennial Schools continues to shine as a beacon of academic excellence and innovative development, ensuring that every student receives a high-quality education and an opportunity to unlock their full potential.

Centennial Schools -
Facing Educational Change

South Africa’s educational system faces many challenges. As technology, innovation and youth culture has advanced to the stage that children now have access to smart devices that can aid them immeasurably, they’re subject to the practices and systems of education and schooling that were designed for a different era.

The last decade has highlighted how behind the times these methods are, but the recent COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent population lockdowns have amplified the need for change. For much of 2020, students had to conduct their studies remotely, causing the need for traditional models to be broken and highlighting the fact that online learning cannot only empower students, but instil in them the desire to take charge of their own education.  

Many schools have moved to include modern tech as part of their curriculum – robotics, coding, 3D printing and the like – but they’re still hamstrung by an outdated model of educating, which is tied to an approach to students who are taught, graded and assessed on a ‘one-size-fits-all’ basis. The need has arrived to provide students with a holistic education that uses technological advancements, encourages lateral thinking and teaches skills they can take forward into the ever-changing future.

It’s in this spirit that Shaun launched Centennial Schools in January 2022. As CEO and founder of Centennial Schools, his aim is to address the needs of modern school students in this new era of educational change.

The Curriculum

Centennial Schools follows the National CAPS Curriculum and writes the IEB examinations, as well as offering enrichment subjects and masterclasses to help prepare students for our modern world. We have reworked the traditional school model and cater for Grades 6 – 12.

Our Teachers

Centennial Schools have hand-picked each teacher best prepared to work in a re-engineered learning landscape, from an academic, emotional and physical perspective. Teachers undergo thorough training prior to the start of the academic year.

Student Life

No school uniforms are required, yet a clear and detailed Code of Conduct supports a strong values-based system that encourages individuality, while ensuring a natural self-discipline within each student. There are no entrance exams, however each student is requested to attend a personal interview with the school Principal. Students can take advantage of unique facilities such as a Student Café, Student Lounges, Collaborative Hubs, and a ‘Chill’ Zone.


... or message us to learn more about our school


... or message us to learn more about our school